Human Biomonitoring Data Services

The webpage centralizes several services related to human biomonitoring (HBM) data developed by Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). The webpage includes the following features:

European HBM dashboard

The European Human Biomonitoring Dashboard was developed under the HBM4EU project and is now further maintained in PARC (Partnership for the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals). The dashboard allows to visualise summary statistics from human biomonitoring (HBM) data collections from all over Europe.

Tools for harmonized HBM data reporting

Different tools are developed to facilitate harmonized formatting of HBM data. This includes: instructions for data harmonization (basic codebook and biomarker list, a personalized data template), a tool for data validation to perform a check of the data with regard to the formats and rules specified in the basic codebook, a tool for uniform calculation of derived variables (e.g. imputed biomarker data, standardization for creatinine, lipids, etc.), and a tool for the calculation of summary statistics of the HBM data in a standardized and comparable way.

Personal Exposure and Health (PEH) Data Platform

In the HBM4EU project a central data platform has been developed to give access to and share single measurement data from HBM studies in the highest possible resolution to the partners within the project. The PEH data platform makes this data available now to the broader research community and allows additional data to be added (e.g., PARC, INQUIRE,...).

The webpage and its content have been developed within the context of H2020 project HBM4EU (2017-2022; Grant Agreement No 733032) and Horizon Europe partnership PARC (2022-2029; Grant Agreement No 101057014).