Personal Exposure and Health Data Platform

In the HBM4EU project a central data platform has been developed at VITO in order to give access and to share single measurement data from HBM studies in the highest possible resolution to the partners within the project. The central data platform makes this data available now to the broader research community and allows additional data to be added, following the terms and conditions described in a protocol on data exchange. A protected environment is created to securely upload and download data. Procedures to get access to the data are described and an overview of the data in the platform is provided.

Data available in the PEH Data Platform

The PEH Data Platform was developed during the HBM4EU project and currently hosts the data from the HBM4EU Aligned Studies and the MoM-study (Methylmercury-contrOl in expectant Mothers through suitable dietary advice for pregnancy). The platform will be expanded with new data generated under PARC.

Data access procedure

To get access to individual level data in the PEH data platform, a data access request form needs to be submitted. The request is evaluated by the Data Request Access Committee (DRAC), and upon positive evaluation access to extracts of the data will be provided through the PEH data platform. After the request has been approved, the Protocol on the management and use of Personal Exposure and Health Data Platform has to be signed. Once the protocol is signed, the requesting user can download the data from this website after log-in identification. 

The webpage and its content have been developed within the context of H2020 project HBM4EU (2017-2022; Grant Agreement No 733032) and Horizon Europe partnership PARC (2022-2029; Grant Agreement No 101057014).