Tool for data validation

This tool allows to perform a check of the individual level data, prepared in the harmonized data templates, with regard to the formats and rules specified in the basic codebook. The tool runs locally on your PC, therefore the individual data are not stored but stays exclusively on your local PC.

User manual

VITO developed a data validation tool to check the individual data in your template. You should select the filled data template of your data collection(s). The tool checks if the data are correctly formatted following the rules in the basic codebook. 
The tool will generate a report with critical, error and warning messages, and display these on the screen. If any critical errors are displayed, a file format mistake has happened. You may have edited one of the sheet or column names. To avoid these mistakes, make a copy of the original template. You can then compare your filled data template with the original template. Further, all errors should be corrected, and warnings should be checked. 

While correcting, you can click the table heads to sort the messages according to their variable name, severity level or sheet name. A pdf file of the messages can be created by right clicking the page, pressing print and selecting ‘save as pdf’ as your printer.

After correcting, reselect your file and validate again. Redo these steps until no errors are displayed and all warnings have been properly checked. Once this is achieved, the filled data template is ready for further use.

Open the tool

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