European Human Biomonitoring Dashboard

The European Human Biomonitoring Dashboard was developed under the HBM4EU project and launched 30 March 2021, and is now further maintained under the PARC project. It allows to visualise summary statistics from human biomonitoring (HBM) data collections from all over Europe. The dashboard makes HBM data accessible to the broader community. Exposure levels and trends in chemical exposure of European citizens can be explored and exposure levels can be compared with currently available health-based HBM guidance values. The data included in the dashboard were obtained in a standardized way, i.e. the summary statistics of each data collection are calculated using a standard script.

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The webpage and its content have been developed within the context of H2020 project HBM4EU (2017-2022; Grant Agreement No 733032) and Horizon Europe partnership PARC (2022-2029; Grant Agreement No 101057014).